Create a new folder in just three simple steps!

1. Choose to add a "Folder".

 At the top-left of the screen, click Add Content. From the dropdown menu, choose Default and then click Folder.

2. Fill in all required fields:

Folder Name: the URL for the folder

Folder Name needs to be all lowercase, no spaces, something simple that indicates the content that will be in your folder, ex: "images" for a folder of pictures within your site or "research" for a site about research opportunities. This will increase SEO (search engine optimization) and help site users more easily find your content!

Placement Folder: where the folder lives

You can choose WWW 2016 to create a new site or select an existing folder to add a folder to an existing site.

Title: the folder's name

3. Submit your edits.

Click Properties if you need to change whether your folder is indexed or published. (i.e. you don't want an "images" folder to be included in your site's navigation, so you would uncheck the Include when indexing box.) Click Submit to create your new folder.

You are ready to add new content to your folder!