1. Choose to add a "Page".

At the top-left of the screen, click Add Content. From the dropdown menu, choose Default and then click Page. Scroll down to select Page as your Page Type and then click Choose at the top-right of the screen.

2. Fill in all required fields:

Page Name: the URL for the page

Page Name needs to be all lowercase, no spaces, something simple that indicates the content that will be on your page. This will increase SEO (search engine optimization) and help site users more easily find your page!

Placement Folder: the folder where you want to add your page

Display Name: will display on the published page (should be accurate, concise, and understandable to those outside the Belmont community)

Title: will display in the top bar of internet browsers and on search result pages, i.e. Google.

Many times it is appropriate to use the same name for both the Display Name & Title, however you may need more information in your Title. For example: if you have a Courses page within a college, it makes sense to use that as a display name because users are navigating to it within the college site, but a better Title would be Courses | College Name to provide further context)

Keywords: words and simple phrases that describe the page contents and helps search engines direct site users to pages they are looking for

3. Edit "Configuration" settings:

Click Configure at the top of the screen to edit whether or not you want your new page to be indexed and published. You can uncheck the boxes if you don't want your page to be included in site navigation (indexed) or live (published). Scroll down below Regions to LEFT-NAV. This is what populates the red left side-bar navigation for your site. Click Choose Block and then navigate to the _local folder within your site and select site-menu-index.

4. Submit Edits:

Click Save & Preview. Be sure to hit Submit and when prompted, hit Submit again.

You are ready to add content to your page! Need help editing content in the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor? Or want more info about using the new page builder? Check out the knowledge base to learn more.