The new "Page" content-type includes the option to choose a type of header image. The header image appears below the main navigation and above the page content. The options are No Image, Full-width Image, Copy-width Image and Video.

1. Choose your header image type.

Navigate to the Header Image section of the Page-Builder. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the type of header image you'd like. 

No Image: Just text. Best for content-heavy informational pages.

Full-width Image:  Best for index page. Recommended 1400px by 400px

Copy-width Image: Best for sub-pages. Recommended 900px by 400px

Video: For video headers, please contact the Belmont Digital Team.

2. Select Your Image

When you add your image, you have a choice of searching for and selecting an image that is already on the site, or uploading a new image. You must select the destination for your upload, so ensure that you have selected the directory that corresponds with the area of the site that you are editing.

  • Click the box that reads "Choose File". If you have already chosen an image, the box will display the name of the image that is already selected in that field. 
  • Use the Recent or Browse sections of the "Choose a File" menu to search for an existing image, or select the Upload tab and ensure that you have navigated to your directory in the "Select a placement folder" area below the tabs.
  • Drop your file in to the box with the dotted outline, or click the word "Choose" to bring up a file browser window on your computer.
  • Once your image has been selected or uploaded, click the "Choose" button at the top right of the "Choose a file" menu.
  • Continue editing your page, or click the "Save & Preview" button at the top right of the edit screen.