The main body of your page is created under the Content Section using features called "Widgets." These Widgets allow you to customize the layout and content of your site beyond what a text editor provides, without requiring you to know or write any code.

The Events widget allows you to enter information about dates, times, and the name of the event in separate fields on the administrative side. This information will be displayed in a highly organized and stylized layout that will maintain consistency in presentation and aid readability of your event information for site users.

1. Select the Events Widget

  • Use the existing Widget item, or click the green plus sign at the right of the existing Widget to add a new section to the Content Section
  • Expand the Content Section item on the Page Builder edit screen
  • In the drop-down, select Events

2. Fill out the Events content

  • The "Widget Title" section should be used to provide information about the events that will be listed below.
  • You can enter events individually, or connect a Google Calendar to automatically pull in event data.
  • If you enter events individually, you can specify start and end dates using an interactive datepicker, start and end times, and a registration link. Any other relevant information can be added in the text box.
  • Additional event can be added by clicking the green plus sign at the right of the Event drop down below the main Events Widget.