The main body of your page is created under the Content Section using features called "Widgets." These Widgets allow you to customize the layout and content of your site beyond what a text editor provides, without requiring you to know or write any code.

The Faculty/Staff Widget provides a stylized format for personal bio information.

1. Select the Faculty/Staff Widget

  • Use the existing Widget item, or click the green plus sign at the right of the existing Widget to add a new section to the Content Section
  • Expand the Content Section item on the Page Builder edit screen
  • In the drop-down, select Faculty/Staff

2. Select Your Image

When you add your image, you have a choice of searching for and selecting an image that is already on the site, or uploading a new image. You must select the destination for your upload, so ensure that you have selected the directory that corresponds with the area of the site that you are editing.

  • Click the box that reads "Choose File". If you have already chosen an image, the box will display the name of the image that is already selected in that field. 
  • Use the Recent or Browse sections of the "Choose a File" menu to search for an existing image, or select the Upload tab and ensure that you have navigated to your diectory in the "Select a placement folder" area below the tabs.
  • Drop your file in to the box with the dotted outline, or click the word "Choose" to bring up a file browser window on your computer.
  • Once your image has been selected or uploaded, click the "Choose" button at the top right of the "Choose a file" menu.

3. Complete Bio Fields

  • Use the following fields to add personal information about the Faculty/Staff member including Name, Title, Email, Phone Number, Office Location and more.
  • Continue editing your page, or click the "Save & Preview" button at the top right of the edit screen.